Early Childhood Music and Movement programs

With our Future early childhood Programs, we would like to Give your child a world of musical possibilities.

We are currently evaluating different early childhood music curriculums to resume our programs in 2018.

Our goal is to offer top notch, age - specific early childhood music programs that will include music and movement activities for babies, toddlers and for younger children (under 5 years old).

Our future early childhood music curriculums will be carefully designed to positively affect babies and young children self development while introducing them to the joy of music through musical movement activities, singing, listening, dancing and playing simple instruments.

We are currently evaluating music programs to identify the ones that would emphasize on active and thoughtful participation from babies, toddlers and young children.  

At our music school in Winchester MA, we also offer a complete bridge from early childhood music education to any musical activity, providing children with a strong musical foundation. 

Visit our blog for more information on benefits of music for children.

If you are interested in being notified when our Early Childhood Music Programs open, please contact us. Thank you!

Program expected to resume in 2018