Take your musical practice to the next level. Instrumental & Vocal Musical Performances in the most prestigious places.


Prepare for the best Music Competitions At Stage Music Center

The preparation to music competitions is open to all of our music students.

Music competitions provide instrumentalists and vocalists opportunities to push themselves beyond traditional practice. Many of our young students have already won first places on several musical competitions and enjoyed the ultimate award of performing in prestigious halls, including Carnegie Hall.

Preparing for music competitions requires not only learning a challenging repertoire but also performing it at a high level of expectations. Music students enjoy the satisfaction of witnessing the results of their extra efforts, and are proud to receive awards for their impressive performances. Students also learn to manage their time, to practice with results, and to perform under pressure… They learn skills that will serve them not only academically but also personally. Winning is the cherry on the cake of having overcome all other objectives.

Like in sports competitions, participation to music competitions is a healthy way for music students to challenge themselves, showcase their talent, and be awarded for their musical potential. Entering a music competition demonstrates focus, dedication, and taste for challenges - All important traits for college applicants that admission boards consider. Colleges seek students with a passion, and winning music competitions undeniably proves that kind of strong involvement.

At Stage Music Center, we prepare interested students to many competitions depending on age and instruments, including, American Prodigy, Crescendo International, Little Mozarts, Kaufman, Elite International, Alexander & Buono. Please click on the music competition icon you are interested in to have more info.

Every year many of our students get awarded to play for example at Carnegie Hall in New York. Feel free to check previous year winners on our Stage Music Center FB page & Blog.

Additional to entering music competitions, we also prepare interested music students for ABRSM exams on most musical instruments and voice.