Cello: History, Fun Facts, and Benefits of Learning

The cello has been delighting music lovers for hundreds of years now, thanks to its lively and vibrant sounds and warm tones that match the human voice pitch.

The cello comes from the violin family and is often referred to as the violoncello. It is a bowed string instrument with four strings generally adjusted in perfect fifths: from low to high.

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Rose Bogossiancello
Benefits of playing in recitals

Public performance is a major element of modern performing arts. Giving children the opportunity to perform in a friendly, informal environment comes with many benefits.

Music recitals can help kids fight stage fright, gain confidence, develop certain essential skills, and get improvements in different aspects of life. Even though not all children are always willing to

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Fine-tune your motor skills

Music lessons can help children fine-tune their motor skills, improving the use of hands, fingers, and other body areas to do routine and complex tasks.

Besides sports and routine education, your school going child’s life should involve other exciting activities. If you are thinking about adding some fun and productive activity to your kid’s schedule, consider music lessons.

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