Take voice / singing lessons at our music school in Winchester MA or in your home. Serving Woburn MA, Stoneham MA, Medford MA, Arlington MA, Lexington MA & Burlington MA.


Voice Lessons for children, teenagers and Adults in Winchester MA

Vocal instruction at Winchester Stage Music Center is designed for students from 5 years old to adults. From the first voice - singing lesson, your vocal instructor will work weekly with you to create a program based on your age, ability level, learning style, and musical goals. 

We offer weekly private voice - singing lessons for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on what you need. We are open every day, from early morning till late evening and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Our music school serves Winchester MA and surrounding communities including Arlington, Burlington, Lexington, Medford, Stoneham and Woburn MA.

Call us at 781 570 2556 or email us to discuss your needs and schedule options.

Why choose voice - singing lessons at Winchester stage Music Center?

You benefit from a vocal education adapted to beginners or to more advanced students.

Our experienced voice instructors teach children (age 5+), teenagers and adults.

To ensure that your private voice lessons are most effective, we will find the experienced teacher among our vocal instructors that is the best match for you: we take into consideration your age, level and interests.

You will be introduced to various musical genre. We teach both classical and popular music and love to combine both! 

Every student is different. Your vocal education will be unique. Your weekly voice lessons will be tailored to meet your needs and abilities.

You benefit from weekly private voice - singing lessons with an experienced teacher

You will enjoy a one-to-one weekly private lesson for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on what you need.

During each class, on top of vocal technique, you will learn sight reading, music theory and ear training. Each lesson starts with vocal warm ups and your vocal teacher will make sure to incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons! 

You will be taught how to breath properly, increase your range, project your voice, use proper pitch, and how to boost your confidence on stage. You will acquire a set of skills that can be applied to any style of music, either classical or modern.

If the class is for a child, a parent can attend the class but only if they wish to. We do not require that a parent remains in the class.

Our vocal instructors have been awarded by prestigious musical colleges and have years of professional education experience. Our voice - singing teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. To learn more about them, please check our faculty page.

You can take voice - singing lessons at our music school in Winchester MA or at home

We are conveniently located in Winchester MA and love having our voice students come in for their classes. It is an opportunity for them to exchange with other music students and for us to bring a sense of community through music. Lessons at our music school are held in acoustically treated studios with high end musical equipments.

Winchester Stage Music Center offers lessons on a variety of instruments including guitar, violin, clarinet, cello and viola and voice lessons. This is an opportunity for families with siblings learning several instruments. We do our best to have all family members have their music classes around the same time.

You have the opportunity to combine voice lessons with guitar, piano or another instrument. Some of our students enjoy learning both to play and sing their favorite songs.

We are also aware that coming to our music school is not possible for everyone. Our faculty has been successfully providing the same level of tailored vocal education at students' home.

We offer music lessons seven days a week from early in the morning to late evening and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Voice - singing lessons will occur at the same location, time, and day of week.

Our current voice students are from Winchester and surrounding cities including Arlington, Woburn, Stoneham, Medford, Burlington and Lexington MA.

You will showcase your achievements

We expect from students to have fun playing music that they enjoy and to feel great about themselves when they overcome musical challenges that they thought they would never quite master. This is this kind of great sense of pride that we want our students to celebrate during Winter and Spring recitals.

Rehearsals and performances are held with professional accompanists.

We select nice venues in Winchester or surrounding cities to enable our students to perform in a variety of settings. As we all know, performing in front of a crowd is also a personal achievement.

Performing in recitals is optional, it is a personal decision.

How do you start taking voice - singing lessons?

New students can enroll any time. We are open all year long, every day of the week from early in the morning till late in the evening.

If you are ready to join our musical community, we will be happy to arrange your first piano lesson and find the teacher among our faculty who will be the best match for you.

  • Contact us today to arrange your first lesson! You can either call us at 781 570 2556, email us or fill in our request more info form in our contact page. In any case, we will get back to you within 24h!

  • Once If you have confirmed your day & time with us, you can register online.

You will be enrolled in month-to-month voice lessons.  We do not require minimum semester / annual contract. You can let us know by the 21st of each month that you would like to stop.

We are confident that when you start taking voice - singing lessons with Stage Music Center, you will want to carry on your musical education experience with us!

At Stage Music Center, we guarantee: 

  • A tailored music education for your age, level & learning style.

  • Weekly one to one lessons with experienced teachers.

  • Possibilities to showcase your progress at recitals.

  • A safe learning environment.

Vocal instruction - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement to start taking voice lessons?

In general, most children begin lessons as early as age 5. We use a combination of pure singing and easy pop singing. This helps develop good habits while maintaining interest.

Some of our adults students decided to take voice lessons because they didn't get the chance before or didn't carry on as teenagers.  Others have specific musical projects in mind. For example, we have students who love playing solos where they can combine playing an instrument along with singing their favorite tunes. 

What is the difference between singing lessons and voice lessons?

Semantics - Usually people search for singing lessons - instructors are voice teachers as they teach you how to master the use of your voice - your instrument.

Is there a lot of vocal practice involved?

It is recommended to practice every day whether it is just 10 minutes or more. The more days per week you practice, the fastest you will enjoy reaching your musical goals.  Also, practice will be rewarding as you will quickly sing pieces of music that you didn't think you could master when you started.

We will help you or your child be enthusiastic about practicing! We will set achievable goals for each practice session that combined with some self-discipline will ensure enjoyable practice time.

For a child, a regular practice early on, will make his or her future path a much more successful later as she/he will have acquired self-discipline while learning something she/he loves.

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If voice lessons are for children, do parents have to stay in class?

Parent's presence during a class is not required but you are welcome to assist to your child's voice lesson if you wish to! 

We don't require parents to stay to support children's self dependence. For children, studies have shown that taking music lessons helps with focus and discipline. Every child is different and if you believe that your child learning curve would be better with you in the classroom, please feel free to stay and assist. 

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