Why is performance so important?

Being a good performer is a goal of most if not all musicians. They are motivated by a variety of things that drive them to share their work with others. 

Here’s a brief (definitely non-comprehensive) list:

  • artistic expression
  • enjoyment
  • the “rush” (of adrenaline)
  • the applause and approval of your peers
  • share music that means something to you
  • for material gain (money, fame, etc)

I’d like to offer another important reason why people perform and why all artists should perform no matter what their level of mastery is — to practice performing. 

You might be able to count your number of public performances on one hand or lost count after decades of doing it. It doesn’t matter how seasoned you are. One thing is certain - you definitely learned something if you were able to pay attention. 

Outside of the fundamentals of technically performing the piece correctly (all the right pitches, notes, and words as a baseline), what happened?

  • Did you do your best?
  • Did you share something meaningful to the audience?
  • Was the audience moved by your performance?
  • Did you make a mistake? How will you fix it for next time?
  • How did you feel during your performance?

All of these questions can only be asked if you take the opportunity to perform. 

That being said, Stage Music Center is trying something new. We all believe that performance is a valuable part of any musician’s education so, we’re offering monthly Open Stage performance opportunities. 

Details on how to sign up are below!

1. Select one or two pieces with your teacher to perform

2. Sign up by mail at info@stagemusiccenter.com or through our new meet-up group https://www.meetup.com/Music-On-Stage-Meetup/events/245096209/

3. Make sure to provide us with a picture to hang on our performers wall! 

Rose Bogossian