5 More Practice Tips

Here it is! The sequel to my first post about practicing.  If you enjoyed those tips here’s a few more…. 

Number 1: Prepare

Get what you need before your practice. Water (especially important for vocalists), a pencil with an eraser, your practice materials, tuner, picks, reeds, etc. Basically, anything that you will need for the time you will be practicing. 


Number 2: Limit Distractions

Have a quiet place to do your work. Shut off any electronic distractions (Phone, tablet, TV included). Focused practice is going to be more productive than distracted practice. You will retain more when you’re focused 100%. 

Number 3: Begin with the basics

This is more than just warming up on a couple scales in the same order that you always do. Practice those in a variety of combinations. Slow, fast, in a different order…

This also means practicing how to hear different intervals, or how to play different rhythm patterns. Get your mind into music. There are plenty of resources for this - ask your teacher for some suggestions! That’s what we’re here for!


Number 4: Slow it down

If it’s really hard to play - Slow it down. If you’re not sure that it’s the right notes - SLOW it down. If you’re having trouble with this single measure. Yes, you guessed it - SLOW IT DOWN. 
It takes time for our minds to process coordinating our movements. If we slow things down, and gradually move up towards “performance tempo” our minds will be able to catch up to our hands. 

Number 5: Mix it up!

Don’t always start with the same thing. Change up your practice routine! 


Rose Bogossian