For conservatory preparation and future professional musicians 

The advanced placement program at Fortepiano Music School offers a development path for students preparing for conservatory and experienced students interested in becoming professional musicians.  Students will be put through a vigorous program one on one with their respective instructor to master their instrument. If your child is ready to make the commitment, inquire about the next audition date to take advantage of this truly unique program.

When you work with a private music teacher in such a strong course, it is expected for a child to love their craft and nurture their skills beyond the classroom. Besides teaching you all of the important aspects of learning your instrument described above, your teacher will provide:

  • Hands on instruction - they can demonstrate for you and allow you see, hear and feel the proper way to use your instrument
  • Instant feedback - while you can learn fundamentals from a book or video, there is no one there to correct you or help you when you are not doing something correctly - or better yet, give you accolades when you are doing something correctly - that is something a private teacher can do
  • Personalized training - they will choose the exercises and repertoire that is appropriate for you at whatever level you are so that you can feel good about your abilities and progress
  • Goal setting - together you will set realistic goals that match your particular needs, desires and abilities
  • Constant support and encouragement - when you stumble or get stuck or feel like you are doing everything wrong, your private teacher will be there to support you and guide you to the next level.

Lessons are with Rose Bogossian, owner of Stage Music Center.

Contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

At Stage Music Center, we guarantee: 

  • A tailored music education for your age, level & learning style.

  • Weekly one to one lessons with experienced teachers.

  • Possibilities to showcase your progress at recitals.

  • A safe learning environment.