Meet Tanya Hrytsay: Piano instructor at Winchester Stage Music Center

Tanya Hrytsay, Piano teacher at Winchester Stage Music Center.

Tanya Hrytsay, born in Ukraine, developed a passion for music as a result of her parents love for music. Her influence came from when her parents performed, singing, in local city venues while she accompanied them playing the button accordion. From there, she performed as a bayan player in folk orchestras, performed as a dance accompanist, and participated in a youth outreach program. Notably, she has performed in the famous Veryovka Choir (an International touring Ukrainian folk choir and dance troop) in Kiev, Ukraine. Before her participation in the Choir, she graduated from Khmelnitsky College of Music with her focus in button accordion and piano. After, the continued to the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Kiev, Ukraine where she graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts, Music Performance, Pedagogy, and Conducting with focus on the button accordion and piano. This conservatory is noted for training some of the world’s greatest pianists, including Vladimir Horowitz. Today, Tanya is a formally trained musician and instructor skilled at developing talent and musicianship in children of all ages. She has a reputation for developing an appreciation for music while developing sound fundamentals so that children can perform a song rather than simply reproduce notes. Lastly, she is experienced at teaching music literacy, technique, dynamics, phrasing, articulation, and theory; each in a way that is appropriate to a student’s age and skill level. Tanya looks forward to working with you soon!

At Stage Music Center, we guarantee: 

  • A tailored music education for your age, level & learning style.

  • Weekly one to one lessons with experienced teachers.

  • Possibilities to showcase your progress at recitals.

  • A safe learning environment.