Our Music school in Arlington MA

Students from FortePiano School of Music in Arlington on Saturday June 17th 2017!

Our music school welcomes many students from Arlington and surrounding communities including Winchester, Lexington, Woburn, Stoneham, Medford and Burlington.

Join FortePiano School of Music in Arlington, on Saturday, June 17th at the Armenian Cultural Foundation, 441 Mystic St.

Our students will present a showcase of their musical achievements. This will be a rewarding experience for students, family and friends! They will play their music instruments and sing in this beautiful setting, reserved for our music school in Arlington, overlooking Mystic Lake.

All year long, at our school, we offer music lessons in a variety of instruments from piano, guitar, violin, clarinette, voice / singing classes for all ages, children and adults, from beginner classes, intermediate to more advanced music lessons . The spring recital is a celebration of our students achievements through perseverance, self discipline and more importantly their love of music.

There are many studies that highlight the benefits of taking music lessons for the brain and its impact on everyday life from improved listening, reading, mathematics skills and so many more. Feel free to browse our music blog for more information. But even without taking all these studies on "practicing a musical instrument" into consideration, what a better reward to look at music notes, decipher them and after some practice be able to play the melody!  It is like magic out of your hands or voice. It makes you feel that nothing is impossible if you dedicate some time into it and it builds so much self-confidence!

Many of our students have won prizes but we don't expect all of them to become awarded musicians!

At our music school, we expect from students when they start taking music lessons on the instrument of their choice or voice / singing lessons to have fun to play music that they enjoy and to feel great about themselves when they overcome musical challenges that they thought they would never quite master. This is this kind of great sense of pride that we want our students to celebrate during the spring recital.

We chose this beautiful place, located in Arlington and close to the Winchester Country Club to enable our students to perform in a variety of settings. As we all know, performing in front of a crowd is also a personal achievement.

We are also embracing the fact that thanks to our location and our talented faculty, our school attracts students from Arlington and surrounding cities including Winchester, Lexington, Woburn, Stoneham, Medford and Burlington.

Stay tuned - more info to follow on the event.

More info on The Armenian Cultural Foundation:

"The ACF is a private library and museum dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Armenian history, culture and letters. During 1965 the large addition overlooking Mystic Lake, which comprises the main library, was completed under the direction of architect Jerome Bailey Foster." source ACF