A musical career in a military band?

When you’re successfully enlisted in the army band, you’ll have a full-time career in music and still enjoy all the perks of being an officer in the army, the satisfaction of serving your country.

The military music band gives you the opportunity of serving your country while doing what you love.

Serving your country while doing something you love.

Serving your country while doing something you love.

There are numerous military bands that recruit motivated and fit musicians almost on a monthly basis. The United States Navy Band, the United States Marine Band, the Naval Academy Band, and the United States Coast Guard Band are just some of the premier bands you could be enlisted into.

In addition to the premier bands, there are more than 60 additional military music ensembles that also recruit musicians. Military band musicians specialize in tuba, bassoon, electric bass guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and saxophone to mention a few.

Joining the military band does not restrict you to life inside the military.

A good number of full-time military band musicians have enough time to engage in activities that are not included in their military duties. You could opt for gigs with local bands or assume a teaching role in a school or college.

Several musical performances opportunities around the world

Several musical performances opportunities around the world

There’s also the perk of getting to see the world. Being a military band member gives you the opportunity to travel widely. You’ll be required to perform in different states in the country as well as internationally. Through this, you’ll experience different cultures and this would help you gain a better appreciation of humanity. As is often said, traveling is one of the few things you can spend money on but would still leave you richer. The good thing about traveling as a military band musician is that you won’t have to spend your money. What more can anyone wish for?

The basic military training also serves to toughen you up for life’s challenges. And if you’re not too keen about going to the combat from, there’s no need to panic. Although military band members are mandated to go through basic combat drills before they are enlisted, they are hardly ever involved in combats. So, you can rest assured that there’s almost no chance you’ll be at the battlefront.

If you would like to serve your country through your love of music, if you need support with student loans and if you are a skilled musician, consider joining a military music band!

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