App Spotlight - MyEarTrainer

Attached to your phone or tablet like most people these days? Do you wish you or the student in your life had more time to focus on music skills, but far away from the instrument?

Never fear! There’s an app for that!!

This is the first of a series of posts about some helpful apps that are great for musicians who are trying to hone their craft, write, and explore the fascinating world of music. Many of these apps are things that I offer my students as supplements to their typical regimen of scales, exercises, and study pieces.

The first app in question is called “MyEarTrainer”. (Links available below!)

First, What is “Ear Training”? Why should I do it? Now, that might be a topic for another blog post.  In short: It is the practice of exposing the ear to intervals, rhythms, and other musical elements to make them more easily accessible in any musical situation. Simply, It will make you a better musician no matter what instrument you play.

MyEarTrainer is available on most platforms (iOS, Android, web) and is free (ad supported).

The primary purpose of the app is to train intervals (space between two pitches) melodically and harmonically. It also has a nice section for identifying harmonic elements in chords. The other plus is that it tracks your progress for you and breaks down what you need to work on.

Try it yourself!





Rose Bogossian