Winchester Stage Music Center (SMC) after school program Overview

Enrollment for Winchester SMC After School for September 2019 is open!

SMC after school is open to all elementary schools students (K to 5 graders). It is conveniently located at 50 Cross Street, Winchester MA, among major children extra-curricular activities including Winchester RSM (Russian School Of Maths), BAC of Winchester (Ballet Art Center), Kidstock Youth Theater, and a walking distance to Winchester Gymnastics. School pick-up is available upon request from any Winchester Public School to SMC After School.

Our after school facility in Winchester is open every day from Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm, and we follow Winchester public school calendar for holidays and snow days. Thanks to our children-centric location we also serve students from surrounding cities including Woburn, Stoneham, Arlington, Belmont, Lexington and Burlington MA. SMC After School is available for both Stage Music Center students and for non-current students. Stage Music Center students benefit from a 5% discount on their music instruction tuition. 

Our approach is to provide an upscale after school support to families through a safe environment where children can evolve through:

  • School to SMC after-school. Monday through Friday from school dismissal, including Early Release days for no additional fee. Our caring staff will pick up your child at the end of school day and bring him/her to our location. Note that for the moment this is only possible for Winchester Public Schools. Students from other schools will need to be dropped off at our facility.

  • Snack time at arrival at the facility. Please make sure to pack nut-free snacks.

  • Homework support. Your children will complete their homework, if any, during their time at SMC After School. They will have more time to focus on other activities when they return home.

  • "In between extra" - We will make sure your child gets safely to his/her extra activity at any establishment in 50 cross Street or at Winchester Gymnastics.

  • Mingling with other children. School days are short but intense, SMC After School is the perfect place to relax through free-play.

  • Singing. Once a week, SMC will provide group singing lessons for no additional fees.

  • Special focus. Number of places is daily limited to 15 children (child to experienced staff 7:1 ratio)


We offer a private transportation to SMC After School from all five Winchester elementary schools. Please see pricing below for transportation fees.

Please inform your child's school that SMC after school will be picking him/her up your on the days he/she will attend our after school. (After school transportation is only available for Winchester MA)

You also have the option to directly drop your child at the school from 3 pm.

Although SMC After School is also open to non-Winchester residents, currently private transportation from school to SMC after-school is only available for Winchester Public Schools. 


Registration fee: $35.

  • 1 day per week - $140 / month

  • 2 days per week - $280 / month

  • 3 days per week - $420 / month

  • 4 days per week - $560 / month

  • 5 days per week - $700 / month

Includes transportation from any of the 5 Winchester Elementary Public Schools

Early Release day - No additional fees if your child is registered during an early release day.

EEC License pending (expected Sept. 2019)

SMC After School REGISTRATION - Enrollment for Sept. 2019 is open

Health, Emergency Contacts, and Dismissal information will be requested after your registration has been confirmed. Please note that we have limited spots available and that filling the form below doesn't garantee your child place at our after school facility, we will contact you to confirm.

If you have already confirmed your day(s) with us, you can register to our after school program online otherwise please fill in the form below. You can also call us at (781)5702556 or email us should you have any questions or concerns.

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